22nd September 1988
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Monday, July 13, 2009

I love you my army boy! Please get well soon babe, i miss you so much.

Just 3 days ago, on Tuesday, boyfriend told me he passed his IPPT, and obviously i'm so proud of him! Who doesn't, am i right? He kept saying how much he missed me and couldn't wait to see me, hug me, kiss me and all. So cute lar you baby. Hehe! :)

BUT sadly on another note, he's down with fever since yesterday. He called me this morning to inform me that he's getting sicker, weaker and there's no improvement in his condition and well, his temperature rise up to 38.9 degrees! He'll be sent home because of his high fever. Ohhhhh im so worried you know?! I really wish you a very speedy recovery babe, please do! I'm really looking forward to see you:)

Though he's back home today, i won't be meeting him because i don't wanna get infected by him!HAHAHAHA! -evil smile-

Instead, i'm going to O-Bar or Double O today to party! Am i evil or what?! I'm out partying while my boyfriend's sick? HAHA. Well actually, i'm gon celebrate my bestfriend since primary school, Ali, who's turning 21 this Monday! This is so called the pre-advance birthday celebration:) Had this planned out weeks ago and i'm really really excited! Can you imagine how excited am i?!

Here are amongst those who's gon be attending the celebration tonight. Enjoys!

Isn't she such a cutie!

Juz, Ali, Ita, Ana, Din

Lately, I have been keeping myself occupied and distracted by spending time with them eversince boyfriend's in ns. I must say that i really appreciate their presence. Somehow we're getting much closer than we used to. I love them so much! Baby, don't be jealous okay cause i love you too:)!

A VERY HAPPY ADVANCE 21ST BIRTHDAY, SILLY! Hope you'll have a blast tonight! ;)

How i really wish you could be with me tonight Fadzuly....

4:10 PM
xoxo, ita.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I'm so hungry!

I told my maid to cook and pack for me maggi goreng and also rice today. And as per usual, i always pack home cooked food my maid and grandma cooks everyday without fail. The maggi, i intend to eat it for breakfast and rice during lunch. And so she did. I opened it during lunch only to find out she packed me just the rice by itself without any dishes! She expects me to eat it just like that? Haha tell me how to eat my lunch with just plain rice without any dishes?! So cute la she. I was smiling to myself. It's alright, i just have to bear with an empty stomach till i end work later. Hahaha.

It's a lie if i say that i'm used to boyfriend booking in and out from tekong. I'm still new to this, trying to adapt to this routine but well, it's still too soon you see. I don't know bout how others feel but i sure am not getting used to it just yet. Like hello, it's only his 3rd book in. Just give me another month and i'm sure it's gon get better. This week will mark his 1 month serving ns. How fast is that?!

Went karaoke-ing session with Ana, Din, Juz, Ali and Rin last friday, just to keep myself occupied since boyfriend's still in camp. Did a lil bit of shopping at Zara before that since it was on sale. I was quite disappointed cause most of the items i wanted are not favourable to my size. Tskk. I just managed to get two tops for myself, without even trying it cause the queue at fitting room was so long! So i just bought it anyway. Only to find out that i couldn't fit into it when i got home! It's too big although it's sized S! I couldn't exchange it since sales items are non-refundable and non-exchangeable:( Just not my luck. I think i might just give it away or something.

I did promised myself to be home early on that day cause i promised boyfriend that i'll be fetching him from Pasir Ris. But i left him disappointed -i thinkkkkk- cause i couldn't wake up and make it on time. Actually i thought i could cause i was already halfway through the journey but uh uh haha, i waited for him at Lavender instead. Well i told myself at least i did showed some effort to be sweet am i right? Haha no im joking.

We did some shopping at town for abit and headed back to my home for dinner and also to get my passport. Initial plan was to buy some dvds at Johor but dad has already bought all the latest movies. Heee! We had a movie marathon for 2 straight days and it feels so great getting to spend the whole time together for 3 days 2 nights. It feels so wonderful seeing him beside me each time i wake up in the morning:). One thing that i'm touched is that my parents gave us our privacy, which i never thought they ever would.

I miss my sister, Syahidah. It's been a week since i last saw her. She went on a study trip to KL last week. Now, she's undergoing home quarantine over at my uncle's place for SEVEN days cause one of her friend was infected by H1N1. Mom told me that she called and sounded so terrified sounding like she's almost crying, "Mama, i don want to die! Can i die because of this?!! Will i?!" OMG! It sounded hilarious! HAHAHA! She's so cute and funny la. You're only being quarantined my dear sister. Not as if your infected or something -hopefully NOT- What mom told her was freakingly unexpected though. She asked her to stay away from her and don't ever come home espeacially if she's around, not until her quarantine has ended. She's afraid she might get infected by the virus! She's more prone to get infected since she's working in hospital and she's not afraid ar?! -_-

Next week boyfriend's bunk mate's getting us free tickets to Harry Potter's movie! Weeee! I'm very much excited! After which, we'll be celebrating Ali's 21st birthday at Timber:)!

1 more day to Fad's book out!! :D

4:58 PM
xoxo, ita.